1. Dear team,

    yesterday I signed up for a subcription to the Passion4baking magazine and payed my order true PayPal. When I tried to use the link that was send to me to log in and see my order (the magazine!) the system doesn’t recognize me. The username I was given was “info1” and it does accept it, but my password is not working. Í was sure I used the right password but to be safe I tried the “forgot your password” link. And then this link doesn’t send me an email with a new option to create a password. With my email it says it doesn’t exist in the system, but I do have an order receipt. I payed for the magazine and I would really like to read it! Can’t wait actually, I was already sitting on the couch with a cup of tea waiting to be inspired by Manuela…Can you help solve this? Is there something you can do to help me login?
    Thank you in advance and best wishes,

    Marieke de Korte

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